Who is Her Royal Flyness?


Hey I’m Lani. I had the idea for Her Royal Flyness Nail Wraps, in 2016, funnily enough, while painting my nails. I love nail art but really can’t stand waiting for nail polish to dry. I’m also left handed and was always annoyed that I could never paint the nails on my left hand with my right. These two things resulted in me always having smudged nails and tragic nail art on my left hand. (Insert cranky face emoji)

I was a Graphic Designer and Art Director in Advertising for ten years; I looove crisp lines, bold geometric patterns, bright colours and glitter. So I used my design skills and created Her Royal Flyness Nail Wraps. (I also love shortcuts so fast nail art is my jam!)

Who are we for?


We’re for women who want fresh as nail art but don’t have the time to do it. These babies have been designed to stand out, I mean reaaally stand out! If you like beige, floral and muted colours; you won’t find those here, maybe in the future but not at the mo. But hey have some glitter instead! We see nail art as fun and not stressy so if you also like a bit of a laugh, then we’re also for you.


Anyhooo thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see. Here’s to shiny claws that make you happy.
xx Lani Devine