Her Royal Flyness aboutHer Royal Flyness started in 2009 when I worked in advertising as a graphic designer/art director. I was sick of buying boring black bags so made myself a few colourful ones to carry my mountain of work. Peeps noticed and wanted to buy them and that’s how HRF started. I threw advertising in and went whole hog on handbags opening my online store and designing a collection in 2012. Fast forward to the end of 2015 I’ve had a great time with my first collection and decided to take a break and paint my nails. What thu? Yup, paint my nails.

I love nail polish. I have 30+ bottles of the stuff in various colours. What can I say? I like sparkly bright things. Problem is; I’m impatient. I can’t stand sitting around waiting for nail polish to dry. I always ended up with smudged looking nails or a nail with a fingerprint on it where I was testing to see if it was dry yet. I tried nail art for a bit but how the heck do I paint my other hand and in patterns that I actually wanted other than spots??!! My collection of nail art tools grew just like my nail polish collection, it was becoming a real problem, a hoarding problem!


There has to be an easier way to do this, I thought. Soooo I decided to design some nail wraps so I could have awesome nail art which can be applied instantly. No more waiting for nails to dry? No need for tools like stripers, dotters, sponges or tape? Yeah! Just slick nail art, you can apply then go. Heaven! My nail polish collection has stopped growing, now my only problem is which set should I wear?! Gah!

xx Lani Devine