How many nail wraps are there in one pack of Her Royal Flyness Nails Wraps?

There is 1 set of 14 nail wraps


How many manicures can I use Her Royal Flyness Nails Wraps for?

You can perform a full manicure out of one pack of Her Royal Flyness Nails Wraps. Another alternative is to cut up wraps and combine with your fave nail polish to create your own awesome unique nail art look. Her Royal Flyness Nails Founder LD often uses a set for her nails and the remaining larger wraps for her big toes. She combines these with nail polish leaving two statement nails, perfect for summer sandals!


Are Her Royal Flyness Nails Wraps really that easy to put on?

Sure are! Instructions for how to apply are on the back of the pack and here You can apply them anywhere. We’ve applied them before taking a flight, in a taxi on the way to a function, you could probably apply them during your flight or on a lunch break.


How do I remove Her Royal Flyness Nails Wraps?

Dip your hands in very warm water for about 8 minutes. This will loosen the glue then you can gently peel off. There should be no need for nail polish remover even if you have a clear top coat on. 


How long do Her Royal Flyness Nails Wraps last?

They can 7 days depending on your lifestyle. To keep them looking awesome apply a clear top coat to seal and set. We use Sally Hansen Big shiny top coat


Can Her Royal Flyness Nails Wraps be applied over acrylic nails?

Sure can! In fact, our wraps are 28mm long so you would see more our wrap designs! To remove wraps from acrylic nails, dip hands in warm water for roughly 8 minutes to loosen the wrap adhesive, then peel off.


 What about showers or submerging in water while wearing the nail wraps?

We looove showers! Just a note though very warm water will loosen the glue holding the wraps on so avoid submerging your hands in hot baths, saunas oh and someone else may have to do the dishes. :) Alternatively you could wear wash gloves :(


What if the nail wraps are too big for my nails?

You can easily trim edges to get a perfect fit your nails and cuticle shapes. A nail clipper is perfect for this. Its also better to trim edges as soon as possible so as not to snag on anything which could pull your wrap off. Don’t have a nail clipper or scissors handy? You can push down the edges with another nail to create a crease. Keep pushing till the crease is deep or the piece of wrap starts to break away.


Do you do international shipping?

Sure do. During check out, your shipping address will determine the your shipping cost.