How to be happy at work...don't go

November 19, 2019 2 min read

Her Royal Flyness, Rose coloured glasses,marble nails

So I just did a thing. Lately I’ve been grinding at work, some would say burning the candle at both ends. I’m exhausted.


Also having the job of keeping a pre schooler alive, clean, fed and trying to keep a house somewhat liveable, can really keep a girl down.


Especially when said preschooler is a tad ‘emotional ‘at the moment and I’m surviving on very few hours of sleep. Why didn’t someone warn me of this when I was pregnant??! Its like living with a little drunk! Soooo many emotions.


Anyways so I went against everything that I usually do and watched a movie…In The Middle…. Of The Day.


Yep its indulgent, yep I felt pangs of guilt but I wanted to see this at the movies and never took the time out to do it and missed it. So I watched Hobbs and Shaw. Yes it’s a stunt-stravaganza, explosions, bad guys, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba. I loved it.


Not only was this movie watching a great bit of much needed self care it was a perfect distraction from all my worries, work, kids, Christmas. I even did a quick mani. See here to grab yourself 3 perfect 10 minute manicures.



The bonus was, all this good stuff with work happened without me, while I was watching the movie! Sometimes you just need to step back, slow down and have some breathing space.


“My blood type is B positive…just like my life outlook”

 - Locke, Hobbs & Shaw


So I’m urging you to skive off work. Kidding!! No, take a little break when you need it for your own sanity, mumma.


Watch a movie when the kids are napping, or read a book or magazine for 30 minutes. It's like a little break you can take from the everyday, I promise you’ll feel better for it.


There were a lot of great quotes from that movie but the one above stuck with me. It also made me realise to wear my rose coloured glasses more. You can see them in the above pic.



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