I Should've Just Used Nail Wraps

August 30, 2019 2 min read

Her Royal Flyness - I should've used Nail Wraps

"Mum! I don’t like this now. I wanna wear something else for Bookweek"

This is not what you want to hear, as you’re wrestling your child and dog out the door on a hectic morning.

Being a mum is hard. You’re doing everything for everyone and there never seems to be any time for you to do the little things for yourself to make you feel good. 

Take that morning for instance. After feeding and tripping over a howling dog, I had also managed to feed and dress my kid and get her hair half decent. 

Between me asking her to put her shoes on for the 10th time and getting dressed for a quick gym session, I saw a tiny window of time where I thought

“I wanna feel a bit glam today”

I peaked in the  bathroom cupboard and spotted a bottle of green glitter nail polish. Oh yeah glitter nails. 

You've no doubt used nail polish before right? It's ‘recommended’ to put a base coat, wait to dry, two coats of polish (especially with glitter) let these dry in between and then end with a top coat.

But seriously, who the heck has time for all of that? One thick coat of glitter polish should do the job right? A quick dry by blowing on it. Perfect.

I was high fiving myself at managing to get this all done, while herding child and dog out the front door when I hear:

"Mum! I don’t like this now. I wanna wear something else for Bookweek"

I’m pretty sure my eye started twitching as a response not to scream to the heavens at hearing this.

So it then became a scramble to find an alternative costume to wear. In the craziness of costume changes I managed to get green glitter polish on the new costume, in my kid’s hair and somehow on the dog. 

As you can see, glitter nail polish is a pain in the a.

I should've just used Nail Wraps.

Even though nail polish seems like a good way to go, Nail wraps are so much easier especially when we’re talking glitter nails. To get even coverage with glitter polish you need two coats.

With Nail Wraps you only need to peel and stick and you get one even coat of glitter nail art. There’s no smudging or waiting for polish to dry, so you can be out the door and feeling happier and glam faster.

“Love them! Go on very easily, stay in place once positioned and look great. Easiest, quickest manicure I’ve ever done.” 
Lauren White, Her Royal Flyness Customer 


Green glitter nail art, leopard nail design
Live Out Loud Glitter Nail Wraps

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