Fast and Fab Halloween Nails without Nail Polish

October 29, 2018 1 min read

Fast and Fab Halloween Nails without Nail Polish

Halloween is a great time of year, but the pressure to have the most awesome costume! If time has caught up with you and you haven't got a costume yet or a theme, why not just go glam? The easiest way? With your claws, I mean nails. Here's a fast and fab nail tutorial with just a hint of Halloween which we've coined Halloween Chic. And the only polish you will need is a clear top coat, no nail polish colour required. Lets rock!

Easy Halloween Nail art without nail polish

Halloween stepbystep nail art tutorial

What You Will Need

Step By Step Tutorial

    1. Take Nail Wraps out of pack
    2. Choose correct Nail Wrap for your nail
    3. Peel Plastic cover off Nail Wrap
    4. Measure length of your nail against nail wrap
    5. Take Silver Pen and draw three lines from corner of Nail Wrap
    6. Draw the rest of your spiderweb
    7. Repeat on other black nail wraps. Apply your base coat so spiderwebs can dry. 
    8. When base coat is dry. Peel Nail Wrap from backing paper
    9. Stick down on nail and smooth over entire nail
    10. Fold over nail tip and file excess nail wrap off with mini nail file in pack. Repeat for rest of nails.
    11. Boom! Easy as Halloween Nails.

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